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Our team of medical and therapy professionals consists of highly qualified experts who possess extensive experience in administering psychedelic-assisted therapy. We collaborate as a team to offer you personalized care and guidance throughout your treatment journey. Our focus is to provide you with tailored support to help you achieve your treatment goals.

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1. Assessment

To ensure that Ketamine-Assisted Therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for you, our medical team will conduct a thorough assessment before administering the treatment. This assessment will involve reviewing your medical history, current health status, and any medications or treatments you are currently undergoing. With your consent, we will also review your medical records held by your GP to gain a comprehensive understanding of your medical background.

2. Preparation Sessions

There are two preparation sessions, which can be conducted in person or online. They are non-drug psychotherapy sessions that discuss topics such as presenting problems, expectations and treatment goals, and coping strategies. These sessions are led by a therapist.


3. Dosing Sessions

There are four dosing sessions, each lasting 120 minutes and conducted in person. Each session includes a brief preparation talk and a breathing/mindfulness exercise to promote relaxation before the experience. These sessions are led by a therapist and a medical professional.


4. Integration Sessions

There are four integration sessions, each lasting 50 minutes and conducted in person or online. These sessions are non-drug psychotherapy sessions where the material that emerged during the prior dosing session is explored in the context of presenting problems, treatment goals, and intentions. These sessions are led by a therapist.


5. Evaluation Session

This is a non-drug session lasting 50 minutes, where outcomes are discussed. It may include a comparison of pre and post-treatment psychometric scores, a revision of treatment goals, and exploration of options for future interventions such as another ketamine treatment or other forms of therapy. This session is led by a therapist.


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