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Darren O’Reilly

Lead Therapist

Darren, a licensed counselling psychologist who specializes in providing psychological therapy to young and middle-aged men.

Darren, a licensed counselling psychologist who specializes in providing psychological therapy to young and middle-aged men. Have you felt stuck in a rut that feels like it is grinding you down? Or felt like you make lots of plans but never make any real progress towards your goals? Do you need someone to hold you accountable whilst helping you work out how to move forward? I can help you overcome challenges related to anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, and procrastination through learning new skills and building good routines. I am an active therapist who will do more than listen, I will help you build the life you want to live!

I also specialize in coaching adults with and without a diagnosis of ADHD. As someone who personally experiences ADHD, I understand the unique challenges and struggles that come with the condition and I use my experience combined with years of training to provide empathetic and effective evidence-based treatments to those who are also affected.

With a combination of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and coaching, I provide a personalized approach to each person’s needs and goals.

My approach to therapy is highly goal-focused and outcome-oriented. By working collaboratively with clients to identify specific goals and objectives, they help you develop the skills and strategies necessary to achieve those goals and improve your relationships, finances, work situation, and well-being. I think good therapy/coaching should be able to address all of these and more.


Our team of highly skilled therapists are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their emotions and work through challenges

    Dr Lee M Riddell's Profile Picture

    Dr Lee M Riddell

    Consultant Anaesthetist

    Dr Riddell has vast experience with Ketamine, applying its therapeutic properties across various medical settings.

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    Dr Jake Hawthorne's Profile Picture

    Dr Jake Hawthorne


    Jake is a psychiatrist currently working as a specialty doctor in addictions and general adult psychiatry.

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    Dr Luqman Khan's Profile Picture

    Dr Luqman Khan


    Dr Luqman Khan (MBchB, FRCS, MRCPsych) is a highly experienced and well-qualified psychiatrist with over ten years of experience in general psychiatry and addiction services.

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    Dr Christoph Zwolan's Profile Picture

    Dr Christoph Zwolan

    Lead Therapist

    Christoph is a Senior Counselling Psychologist and Psychedelic Integration Therapist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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    Jessica Sweet


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    Charlotte Crawford


    I am a recognised provider of medical treatment with VitalityHealth. I have over 5 years experience in counselling children and young people and am a recognised counsellor for Beautiful Inside and Out

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    William Taylor

    Virtual Reality Therapist

    PGCert, PGDE, BA (hons), MSc. Educated at West of Scotland, Edinburgh, and Strathclyde Universities, with over a decade of care experience, educator and psychologist.

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    Elise Wardle's Profile Picture

    Elise Wardle

    Psychedelic Integration Therapist

    My training background is extensive including a diploma in integrative counselling, Masters Degree (Distinction) in Jungian Psychotherapy/Analytical Psychology/Energy Healing, CPD training in other modalities and, most recently, extensive training both experiential and academic on the subject of plant medicine and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

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    Meghan Newton's Profile Picture

    Meghan Newton

    Virtual Reality Therapist and Admin

    Psychology graduate working as an administrator in the addiction sector, with experience in administrative duties. Further responsibilities in areas of: compliance and risk, training and development and data analysis.

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